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Apologies for not being on here a lot this week. It’s been crazy. I made my final college decisions, had my birthday, and now I’m going to Germany tomorrow and Iceland after that

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and-it-scares-you-being-alone asked: Happy birthday ! :) x

Thank you so much! : )

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bastilleisawesome asked: Happy birthday!!! :) I hope you had have a good day!!!! you and your blog is awesome!!!

Thanks so much! I just looked at your blog and yours is awesome too : )

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ill-see-you-in-the-future asked: Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the best day ever and that one day you'll spend it with dan;) xx

Aww thank you so much.. And not gonna lie I hope so too

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bastillemegg asked: Heeeyy! Happy Birthday!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true! x

Aww thanks so much you are so nice